Achieving your biggest goal is tough.

Unless you know how.

My name is Dr Ben Levy and I have developed a short, effective, evidence-based programme to help people get what they want most.

I’m a Doctor of Psychology and I’ve spent the past fifteen years working with senior leaders in the education and corporate sectors. I do two things all the time:

  • Help people work out what they really want
  • Help them get it

Make it Happen

My Make it Happen programme has been specifically designed to help you reach your most ambitious goal as quickly as possible.

Make it Happen combines the latest findings from behavioural science with a tried and tested model of personal effectiveness (ABCME®) to give you a clear, effective approach to goal getting.

An approach that actually works, no matter what your goal.

When Ben talks about a “short, sharp programme” - don’t mistake this as just a catchy headline. He really makes an impact, fast.

Sam Bain, Commercial Enablement Lead at Yulife

How it works

In our Make it Happen programme, you and I will work together over five sessions to:

  • Identify what you really want (prepare to surprise yourself)
  • Check if the key building blocks are in place and address any gaps
  • Make a clear, doable and robust plan that gets you to your goal as soon as possible

By the end of our first session together you will gain the three most important ingredients for success:

Energy, confidence and clarity.

More about how it works...

This isn’t marketing fluff. Make it Happen is a theory-driven, evidence informed intervention, developed after years of planning and research.

This isn't coaching or mentoring. As a psychologist I’m only interested in using what really works to help you succeed. For me, impact is everything.

There are no secrets. During our sessions I’ll explain the Make it Happen process and show you why it’s so effective.

And I’ll help you learn the Make it Happen system, so you can use it to face your next life goal with conviction and drive.

It's not about me. It's about you.

Let's Make it Happen.