What clients say

Ben really pushed me to deep dive on some of the challenges I've been having. His question prompts were really helpful and I gained a lot of clarity. I found the session very valuable.

Anna Hayes

Ben is not your average psychologist. I don’t mindadmitting - I’ve seen a few!
Ben showed an uncanny ability to take my words, concerns, frustrations andinsecurities and quickly distil them down into actionable recommendations. Hehelped me reframe things that had probably held me back for years.
This was just Session 1!
When Ben talks about a “short, sharp programme” - don’t mistake this as just acatchy headline. He really makes an impact, fast.

Sam Bain, Commercial Enablement Lead at Yulife

The clear guidance which focused on the end result really helped. I was also able to reflect personally and identify ways to best support my team.

Alex Breban

That session was perfect for me, I don't think at this moment anything could have been better. I walked away from it feeling really positive and that I have some genuine tools to attack my problems moving forward!

Sam Sims

Ben was very clear, very good at bringing the subject back and making the most out of our time. I have a plan of action to get me started. I’m looking forward to getting going and seeing some changes :-)

Tania Granados Gomez

'This session has given me confidence. I fully understand what I need to do now.

Marie Medd

That felt affirming. Refreshing.

Daniel Frohwein

What a thought provoking, valuable and fun session.  Ben is a great listener and challenged me in just the right way. It gave me the push that I needed

Larraine Solomon,
Managing Director
Inspiring Conversations Ltd

A very valuable session, thank you.

Alex Pugh

The framework was easy to understand, why to use it was clear (i.e. its evidence base and the impact using it can have) and Ben created a safe space to practice. I feel more motivated & confident. Ben was engaging, had my attention and made me trust what he was saying.

Paul Cauldwell

Ben is thoughtful and kind and good with follow up. Thank you for untangling the important bits out of what I said.

Nicole Gleadle