Make it Happen is a brief, evidence-informed intervention that puts you firmly on track to reach your greatest goal.

You might be eyeing that promotion at work. Need to nail an upcoming interview. Be keen to finally have that awkward conversation with dad.

Or perhaps you’ve got a lifestyle goal. Maybe you really want to eat better from now on. Sleep better. Include more exercise in your day.

Whatever you hope to achieve, Make it Happen will get you mentally ready to succeed and put a winning plan in place.

Our Sessions

I will be personally working with you over five Make it Happen sessions.

Stage 1

We’ll start by focussing on your 'why'.
When you understand why your ambition matters so much to you, you will be energised by your goal like never before.

Stage 2

Next, we’ll work out what the world will look like when you reach your goal. Then, we'll create a practical, doable plan of action that gives you clarity, confidence and energy.
A plan which gets you there.

Stage 3

I will teach you the most effective way to stick to your plan.
And it's easy.

Stage 4

We will check in on your progress and make sure you are exactly on target.

Stage 5 (approximately one month after we meet for Stage 1)

A final check in: I'll remind you of the Make It Happen process, so that you can use it for your next big goal.

By the end of the Make it Happen programme, you will know exactly where you are going and exactly how to get there. And you will be pursuing your goal with more energy and confidence than you believed possible.

Why Make it Happen Works

It’s important to understand that Make it Happen is highly practical, yet rooted in behavioural science: research into the common traits of high achievers; the most effective systems to get things done; how people get change to stick.

In other words, Make it Happen uses techniques that research says actually works.

We won’t be delving deep into your childhood, your family or your hang-ups. There’s limited evidence that these approaches help people achieve their personal goals. Because spending time looking backward or inward often makes it harder to look forward.

I will need a few things from you. A desire to make something happen. Your honesty. Your time.

Let's start getting you to the finish.